26 October 2016
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My Journey to Becoming a Qualified Accountant
by Denis Healy, Accountant

After completing my leaving cert in the mid '90s and at the time as I was more interested in driving than continuing my education I commenced a career in truck driving. With ten years experience as a driver an opportunity arose for me to set up a business as a haulier which continued for five years.

The sharp increase in fuel prices in the summer of 2008 left many hauliers struggling to survive and with the global crash that followed there was little chance of intervention from the government or of passing on the increased cost to the customer. I soon realised that I needed to compliment or substitute my haulage business and in 2009 I began a two year diploma course in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. This course included a finance module which reignited my interest in accounting and on completion of the course in 2011 I decided to begin studying accounting with the Accounting Technicians Ireland through night classes.

In 2012 I decided it was time to pursue a career in accounting and after a short time job-searching Quintas offered me a three year training contract on Pat Kearney’s team. I believe that I have benefited from the recession as it gave me the push I needed to make the decision to change my career to accounting, a decision I may not have had the courage to make in less turbulent times.

On passing the Accounting Technicians Ireland exams in 2013 I continued studying accounting with CPA Ireland passing my final professional exams in April of this year.

I had an extremely busy lifestyle over the last few years as a result of balancing my study, work and family life and I've my wife Nichola and daughter Caoimhe to thank for being so understanding.  The team in Quintas provided great support and encouragement during the last four years especially my mentors, Pat and Margaret.

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