by Tim McCarthy

Firstly and most importantly can I wish you a happy, safe and peaceful Easter.


I hope that you are getting the benefit of the extraordinary times that we are all living through, to achieve goals and interests with your family that you may not have been able to accomplish before.


The articles that we have included in our newsletter for this quarter are subjects that we have focused on, that are topical at the moment and which are based on feedback and questions from our clients. We hope that you find these articles interesting and of relevance to you and your business.


As always if you have any queries or questions on any topic please contact any member of the team at Quintas.


Happy Easter, I hope we get some sunshine over the weekend and that you get to take advantage of this break for some downtime.




Tim McCarthy

Negative Interest Rates
by Anne O'Doherty

The Challenge


Deposit rates have been at all time lows for a sustained period and investors are starting to see the effects of this on their annual deposit return statements – which are showing zero!!


At the same time we have seen the perfect storm with Covid where customers have been unable to spend on holidays, meals out and in physical retail stores. The graph below shows the net household deposits since 2004, in rolling 12 month periods. You can during the 2000’s there was a strong level of money being put on deposit and then following the financial crash this turned negative as people needed to access their cash deposits – the rainy day funds we so often speak about.



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