Decision Trees for Employees and Employers Covid19 Support Schemes


We are, and we will continue to be open for business, as all of our team are working remotely. We will do everything that we can to support you through these challenging times.


If you have any queries on the Covid19 Wage Subsidy scheme or the various supports put in place by Government to assist businesses and individuals impacted by the coronavirus crisis please visit the latest news section of our website as we have published a series of articles on same.


There has been a considerable amount of material published in the last couple of weeks, so to assist both Employees and Employers assess which scheme is applicable to them we have devised the following Decision Trees:


- Employees Covid19 Social Welfare Supports

- Employers Covid19 Wage Subsidy Scheme


Please click on the links below to view the Decision Tree for each of the above schemes.


We have also included links below to the various documents and application forms for the various supports put in place by the Government to assist those impacted by the coronavirus crisis.


Please do not hesitate to contact any of the undersigned if you have questions about any COVID-19 related issues or concerns.




Mark Ryan – – 087 2996356

Paul O’Connell – – 086 6048938

Dave O’Brien – – 086 0490717

Employees Support Schemes

Employees Covid19 Social Welfare Supports

Employers Support Schemes

Employers Covid19 Wage Subsidy Scheme

Links to Documents and Application Forms


Employee - Pandemic Unemployment Payment



Self-employed - Pandemic Unemployment Payment



Employees are cut to a 3-day week - Short Term Work Support



Employee/self-employed is certified to self-isolate - Pandemic Illness Benefit



Employee/self-employed is diagnosed with Covid-19 - Pandemic Illness Benefit



Wage Subsidy Scheme