21 December 2018
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Better Energy Homes Scheme
by Denis Healy, Accountant

Better Energy Homes Scheme

In an era of rising energy costs and our over dependence on fossil fuels it may be an appropriate time to consider some energy saving solutions in our homes which may be eligible for grant funding from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

The Better Energy Homes Scheme is administered by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and provides grants to homeowners to improve energy efficiency in their homes. Landlords and owners of more than one property can also apply for a grant under the scheme.

Types of measures for which the grant is available

Grants are available for the following energy-saving and renewable solutions:

  1. Attic insulation
  2. Wall insulation - including cavity wall, internal dry lining and external insulation
  3. Heating controls upgrade
  4. Solar thermal solutions
  5. Heat pump systems (this grant became available from 16th April 2018)
  6. A Building Energy Rating (BER) after the energy-saving work is carried out (you must get this BER to qualify for the grant)

    Conditions for qualification are as follows:

    Please note that you must have grant approval before you buy materials or start any grant-funded work. If you have already started work, you will not be eligible for a grant. Once your grant is approved, you have six months to complete works and claim the grant.

    To qualify for a grant you must:

  1. Be the owner of a dwelling built before 2006 (for insulation and heating control systems)
  2. Be the owner of a dwelling built before 2011 (for heat pump and solar thermal grants)
  3. Use a contractor from SEAI’s registered list
  4. Use newly fitted materials and products
  5. Have work done that complies with the required standards
  6. Have a BER carried out after the works are done
  7. Use a BER assessor from SEAI’s National Register

    Please beware that may not qualify for a grant if:

  1. The measures do not comply with the required standards
  2. The relevant measure (the work on your home) was already incentivised under another grant programme.



    The following table shows the maximum levels of grant payable for the relevant energy saving solution and the bonuses payable for extra measures.


Maximum grant value

Attic insulation


Cavity wall insulation


Wall insulation - internal dry lining
- Apartment (any) or mid-terrace house
- Semi-detached or end of terrace house
- Detached house


Wall insulation - external
- Apartment (any) or mid-terrace house
- Semi-detached or end of terrace house
- Detached house


Heat pump systems (available from 16 April 2018)
- Air to water
- Ground source to water
- Exhaust air to water
- Water to water
- Air to air


Heating controls upgrade


Solar water heating


Bonus payment after 3rd measure


Bonus payment after 4th measure


A BER assessment after works are done (maximum of 1 grant payable per home)





A bonus of €300 is payable when you have completed three qualifying measures and a further €100 is payable on completion of a fourth measure. The full grant history of your home is taken into account when calculating whether a bonus is due. A BER does not count as a measure when calculating entitlement to a bonus.

Grants are paid after the work is completed and you have paid your contractor.

More Details

If you wish to find out if your home would benefit from energy-saving work you can get a Building Energy Rating (BER) done in advance of any works. A BER assessor will energy rate your home and provide you with an advisory report, which will help identify areas that could be improved to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

More detailed information on the Better Energy Homes scheme can be found on the SEAI’s website at the following link: https://www.seai.ie/grants/home-energy-grants/

It is worth noting that as well as getting a grant under the Better Energy Homes Scheme, you may be eligible to claim a tax credit from the Revenue Commissioners under the Home Renovation Incentive, on part of the cost of the work.