18 May 2011
Quintas Quarterly Newsletter - Summer 2011
Ireland and the Comeback Economy
Tracker Mortgages – “When sitting tight might be the best course of action”
Quintas Quarterly Economic Review
Is it possible to outsource every part of your business?
Mandatory Filing
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by Tim McCarthy
Tim McCarthy
Tim McCarthy

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the summer edition of the Quintas newsletter.  There is a strong economic focus in this quarters newsletter which we feel is apt given the country’s current predicament.  As I write this piece the Finance Minister, Michael Noonan, has announced details of the jobs initiative which controversially is to be funded with a levy on private pension funds for the next 4 years. Much debate will occur on this introduction but it very much depends on which side of the fence you are on. 

We are encouraged by the proactive VAT and PRSI initiative which is welcome news for the hospitality and tourism sector and if successful may well help those hit with the pension levies to regain some of the costs through better returns on investments within the pension funds. Whats positive is that something is being done and perhaps someone is listening as tourism and hospitality covers a very large percentage of our work force and has significant ecomomic potential, particularly if competitiveness is enhanced; if successful, this will inevitably result in additional taxes and sustained employment.

We were delighted to welcome Frank Ryan CEO, Enterprise Ireland, to our office in Heron House, Blackpool in March where he met with Partners and Directors of the firm. The key message from Frank's visit to Quintas is we have to value our companies more and become active ambassadors in selling Irelands positives and assisting the growing success of Irish companies in worldwide markets. Frank stressed that ‘when Ireland is viewed from afar we are involved in so much of what goes on around the world however we just don’t publicise it enough.’  This is a typical trait of the Irish, we are shy about promoting ourselves, but need to overcome this characteristic and shine a light on what is positive.

This edition of our newsletter also contains articles from Paul O’Connell, Finance Director, on the very topical subject of tracker mortgages i.e. ‘Tracker Mortgages – When sitting tight might be the best course of action’  James McCarthy, Investment Analyst, outlines some stark statistics in the ‘Quintas Quarterly Economic Review’. Mark Ryan, Director of the Business Centre questions whether ‘It is possible to outsource every part of your business?’ and Fiona Kavanagh, Accountant, provides an update on Revenues Online Services (ROS) which needs to be followed for mandatory electronic payments and filing. 

We hope you find this edition of the newsletter informative and if you feel we can assist you or your business in any way please do not hesitate to contact us.

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