21 March 2012
Quintas Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2012
Introduction - Hope Springs Eternal
Road To Recovery
Household Charge - A Basic Guide
VAT on Property – Almost 4 years on...
Quintas Quarterly Economic Review
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Quintas Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2012
Introduction - Hope Springs Eternal
by Fachtna O'Mahony
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Welcome to our Spring 2012 Newsletter.  Interestingly this time last year I wrote in the newsletter “as we close the door on 2010 we look forward to 2011 with ideas in our minds, a spring in our step and hope in our hearts”.  A year has since passed but yet the sentiment is the same.  2011 much like 2010 was a difficult “grind” for most and as we move through the first quarter of 2012 there is cautious optimism at least among a significant minority that the year ahead has something positive to offer yet most are reluctant to talk about it openly.

Of course there are major headwinds and drag factors creating significant uncertainty. These factors are largely outside the control of each of us as individuals, indeed largely outside the control of our government as well.  Issues such as promissory notes, national debt, interest rates, growth or lack of, bank lending, lack of credit, liquidity and of course debt write down are played out in the media incessantly and quite often this commentary can be debilitating when trying to energise yourself and your business for the inherent challenges, yet we must persevere and in time hopefully prevail.  At Quintas we empathise with those business people and clients that feel they are constantly “pushing water up a hill” yet we are encouraged by their determination, drive and courage to reach the “Promised Land”.  We continue to positively engage and work with our clients to assist with their businesses in a variety of ways.

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Road To Recovery
by Alf Smiddy
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I recently took a Ryanair flight to London from Faranfore Airport to visit my 18 year old son who a few months earlier decided to go to England to find work and also experience a new city and culture. As I made the journey, I was flabergasted  to see so many young people heading away with their bags packed in search of work. There was a real sense of foreboding about things in Ireland, and many of these people had renewed and were leveraging old contacts in London from emigration in the 70s and 80s.

I was also amazed to see that all Ryanair staff were from Eastern Europe, and wondered why Irish people were seemingly being by-passed for jobs in an Irish company, and one of the most successful airlines in Europe.

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Household Charge - A Basic Guide
by Gary Sheehan
From the 1st January 2012 the government introduced the household charge of €100 on all residential properties. This includes residences, rental residential properties and summer homes. It is the responsibility of the property owner to register the house and pay the charge’s applicable

The charge was introduced on foot of the EU/IMF Agreement and is an interim measure pending the future introduction of a more comprehensive and equitable valuation based property tax. Ireland is one of the last countries in Europe to introduce property-based charges to fund local services such as public parks; libraries; open spaces and leisure amenities; planning and development; fire and emergency services; maintenance and cleaning of streets and street lighting. There is a need to broaden the tax base in and the focus is to move away from taxing people’s work to lessen the impact on growth and support employment.

How do you register and pay the household charge?

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VAT on Property – Almost 4 years on...
by Sean McSweeney
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The new VAT on Property system was introduced on 1 July 2008 to simplify the complex area of VAT on Property which had become unwieldy and to some extent nearly unmanageable. It was clear from the outset that it would take time for all parties involved to come to terms with the new system.

Although we are nearly 4 years into the new system, the whole property market has changed dramatically and the level of transactions has been low. 

In this article, we will deal with the system and approach to dealing with VAT on Property transactions, the Capital Goods Scheme, the transitional rules and finally some items to be considered.

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Quintas Quarterly Economic Review
by James McCarthy
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Rising equity markets in January 2012 has been a relief for many investors after a volatile 2011, with markets in both developed and developing nations rising. The S&P500, the bellwether of the US economy finished up almost 3% so far, while emerging markets after seeing big sell off’s in 2011, increased by 10%.

Relief over broad Eurozone adoption of new fiscal rules and fresh hopes for a deal on Greece’s debt restructuring along with increased liquidity from the ECB were good news for markets. In the US, with the Federal Reserve announcing rates will be on hold until 2014. Accommodative monetary policy and political progress has market participants in a more optimistic mood at the moment.

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Recent News

Quintas Wealth Management announce new assocation with Casey & Co


Quintas Wealth Management is pleased to announce that it is now working in association with one of Kerrys leading accountancy firms, Casey & Co.

Through this association Casey & Co and Quintas Wealth Management will be able to provide both businesses and individuals in the Kerry region with an extended platform of offering and service in the areas of Wealth Management, Tax Planning, Investments, Savings and Protection.  To view further details on this announcement please click here

The launch of this new association is taking place at the Ballygarry House Hotel, Tralee on the 29th March.  If you are interested in attending please email Sarah O’Neill on soneill@qwm.ie.

Quintas Wealth Management hosted a Breakfast Seminar entitled

'2012: Adapting to the New Global Economy'

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Over 60 business people attended the event where, David O’Shea, Investment Director at Quintas Wealth Management outlined his views on the future of the Euro, investing in a low yielding environment and why the global economy has radically changed. To view further details on this event please click here.

Donncha O’Callaghan - Book Signing at Quintas

Donncha O'Callaghan did a book signing of his autobiography 'Joking Apart' for Quintas clients in January.  Pictured below is Donncha with Christine Winning of Corporatecare Relocation Ireland.


Junior Certificate Business Studies Revision Course

Following our hugely successful Junior Certificate Business Studies Revision Courses which we've held over the last few years, Quintas are once again offering children of our clients and business contacts an opportunity to attend our course for 2012.  To view further details on this course please click here.

Over 50's Show

Quintas Wealth Management had a stand at the Over 50's Show which took place at the City Hall on the 2nd/3rd March.  We are pleased to announce that the winner of the hamper which was raffled was Ms Mary Brennan.  Pictured below is Nick Charalambous and Anne O'Doherty of the Sales & Distribution team presenting the hamper to Ms Brennan.


Quintas Blog

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