2 February 2011
Quintas Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2011
It’s All About Your Brand!
Recent Investment Success
Changing times for the Golf Industry
Quintas Wealth Management, Director of Sales and Distribution, Nick Charalambous outlines how he and his team are planning to assist clients in 2011
Why Cash isn’t life or death – it’s more important than that.
Quintas Quarterly Economic Review
Abolition of Property Based Reliefs
Recent News and Appointments

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Quintas Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2011
by Fachtna O'Mahony

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2011. At Quintas we are of the opinion that the future is somewhat brighter and that we are finally turning a corner. The IMF have taken control of our finances and with the passing of the Finance Bill we are now taking the painful medicine they prescribed. The election which should bring political stability is imminent. The prolonged process of sorting out our banking crisis is advancing slowly and sometimes not so surely but there are signs of lending and credit flowing again. It will be a long slow "grind" and no doubt there will be more casualties on the way but as we close the door on 2010 we go into 2011 with ideas in our minds, a spring in our step and hope in our hearts.    

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It’s All About Your Brand!
by Alf Smiddy, Chairman
AS Head Shot B&W

There is no doubt that 2010 will be remembered as a horrendous year for the Irish Economy, for our Government and for the Irish business community. We certainly had the "perfect storm" in 2010 as the country went from one crisis to another – be it banking, political, economic, and business. The year ended with a prolonged period of sub-zero temperatures leading to almost impossible trading conditions for Irish retailers, but I suppose 2010 will be most of all remembered for the arrival in November of AJ Chopera and his team from the IMF.

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Recent Investment Success
by David O'Shea, Director
David O'Shea

As you are aware Quintas Wealth Management has been designing, structuring and managing our own branded investment products since May 2009.  In that time we have launched 10 products across varying asset classes such as Oil, Sugar, Equity, Private Equity and Agriculture.  We have successfully matured a number of these products producing an average annualised return of 20%.  Our most recent success was a 22% investment return after one year for clients. 

Our investment approach has been driven by 3 simple but strong core principles –

Strong Investment Idea, Optimal structuring to protect capital, Relevant Market Timing.

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Changing times for the Golf Industry
by John McHenry
John McHenry B&W

There is no doubt that in recent years the global economic recession has had a huge impact on the sport of golf most particularly throughout the established markets of Europe and America.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, selling memberships to golf clubs was a relatively easy affair as people were making money and weren't overly worried about club initiation fees and annual dues.

Now, the financial climate has changed. Club incomes are on the slide and many are fighting to survive as cash-strapped players look for less expensive fun resulting in many clubs scrapping expensive membership fees and offering cut-price deals to stem the exodus. Quite simply, the party is over and clubs will have to survive on a lot less revenue than they are used to.

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Quintas Wealth Management, Director of Sales and Distribution, Nick Charalambous outlines how he and his team are planning to assist clients in 2011
by Nick Charalambous

2011 has arrived and even though business sentiment and outlook has improved the New Year still presents many challenges for businesses and families.

Here at Quintas Wealth Management we are focusing on a number of key areas in our meetings with clients.  These include:

  • Cashflow
  • Pension Plan Review
  • Mortgage Review

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Why Cash isn’t life or death – it’s more important than that.
by Mark Ryan, Partner
Mark Ryan

The great Liverpool manager of the 1960’s/70’s Bill Shankly once said 'Football isn't a matter of life or death, it's much more important than that'. In my experience this is maybe a slight exaggeration when it comes to sport but not when you consider that Cash is the oxygen that enables a business to survive and prosper and is the primary indicator of business health. While a business can survive for a short time without sales or profits, without cash it will perish. For this reason the inflow and outflow of cash needs careful monitoring and management.

As we are all only too aware, the outflow part of cash flow is never a problem; money will always run out of your business or pocket easily. Keeping the money coming in on a regular, sustained basis is the tricky part of cash flow management.

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Quintas Quarterly Economic Review
by David O'Shea, Director
Quintas Quarterly Stats - Image

Inflation Concerns

When the printing presses were turned on by central banks in 2009 and 2010 there were many who held the view that the only logical outcome would be a significant rise in inflation.  With global growth still recovering from severe trauma post Lehman Bros, there was concern that we would enter a period of slow growth and high inflation.  The job of central bankers around the world was to finely balance attempts to kick start economic growth without allowing inflation to get out of control.

The concern with inflation is whether it is “good inflation” or “bad inflation”.  Good inflation refers to an expanding economy where wages are growing and output is expanding.  Increases in the prices of goods and services are a direct result of a strong and growing economy.  Bad inflation refers to increases in the prices of goods and services caused by external factors when the economy is slowing or contracting.

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Abolition of Property Based Reliefs
by Quintas Tax Department

The controversial abolition of property based tax reliefs announced in the December Budget is contained in the Finance Bill. However, in light of heavy lobbying in this area and the potential impact that the proposed changes would have on taxpayers, the economy and employment the Government has decided that the introduction of these new measures could only take effect in the next tax year following the preparation and publication of an economic impact assessment on the new measures. This means that the proposed changes if introduced come into effect at the earliest in 2012 and have now been pushed into the next government’s agenda.

Please refer to our previous flyer on 'Abolition of Property Tax Relief' which includes a link to our letter to the Department of Finance advising the Minister to reconsider their proposal on the abolition of property tax reliefs.

To contact the Quintas Tax Department please click here.

Recent News and Appointments
by Sarah O'Neill
Chamber Christmas Lunch
Quintas sponsored Cork Chamber Christmas Lunch 2010.

Quintas were delighted to sponsor the Cork Chamber Christmas Lunch for the second year in a row which took place on Thursday the 9th December in the Maryborough House HotelLouis Copeland, a man renowned as much for his business savvy as his style, was the Guest Speaker at the lunch.  A Quintas Quiz took place during the lunch with all the prizes having been donated by Quintas clients.

Product and Investment Opportunities
  • BRIC Outperformer Tranche 11 eliminates market direction by constructing a relative value strategy where Emerging Markets are expected to outperform the S&P 500.  There is strong capital protection with potential early redemptions every 6 months with a 7% (or 14%p.a.) return available

To view a copy of the brochure please click here.

  • Agri Protector offers clients a 97% capital guaranteed exposure to the soft commodities of Corn, Cotton and Sugar.  There are potential early redemptions every year with a 10% p.a. return available.

To view a copy of the brochure please click here.

  • Quintas Energy Italian Solar Project
For further information on this project please contact Noel Creedon on 021 4641400 or email noel.creedon@quintas.ie
  • Special Offer for All Protection Cases

For further information please click here.

Quintas hosted a seminar on 'How to Win Tenders, Bid Management and Strategy'.

Quintas hosted a seminar on on the 19th November on 'How to Win Tenders, Bid Management and Strategy' which was given by Peter Breenan, President of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Finance Director of Bid and Tender Management Services.

Quintas sponsors the CPA Capital Games Conference.

were the main sponsors of the CPA Capital Games Conference which was held in the Radisson Blu (SAS) Hotel and Spa, Little Island, Cork on 25th November.  Main speakers at the event were Bobby Kerr (Entrepreneur, Dragon & Chairman of Insomnia), Kenny Kane (Director, Quintas) and Ciaran Desmond (Managing Partner, McGuire Desmond


Nick Charalambous
has been appointed as Director of Sales and Distribution.

Of Cypriot background and raised and educated in London, Nick is a graduate from the London School of Economics with a degree in Economics (BSc).  Nick has worked in Financial Services in Ireland for the last twelve years having had private client roles in Ulster Bank and ACCBank.  He joined Quintas Wealth Management two years ago to head up their Sales and Distribution function. Nick will be responsible for managing the distribution of all Life/Pension and Investment products for Quintas and will be ultimately responsible for the Sales and Distribution team.

'How Budget 2011 has impacted on your pocket'.

Quintas recently issued a flyer to all its clients and business contacts on 'How Budget 2011 has impacted on your pocket'.  This flyer gave a summary of the key changes for employers & employees due to Budget 2011.  If you would like to view this flyer please click here

Quintas launched The Horizon BES Fund in November.

To view info leaflet and newspaper articles on the Fund please click on the links below:

The Horizon BES Fund Flyer

Galway Independent - 3rd November 2010.

Irish Examiner - 29th October 2010.

Money Matters Column in the Cork Independent

Quintas have completed the run of articles in Thursdays edition of the Cork Independent which appeared in the Business & Training section of the publication.  To view the articles which have appeared in the publication please visit our website www.quintas.ie and go to latest news items under Quintas Registered Auditors.

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