2 February 2011
Quintas Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2011
It’s All About Your Brand!
Recent Investment Success
Changing times for the Golf Industry
Quintas Wealth Management, Director of Sales and Distribution, Nick Charalambous outlines how he and his team are planning to assist clients in 2011
Why Cash isn’t life or death – it’s more important than that.
Quintas Quarterly Economic Review
Abolition of Property Based Reliefs
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by Fachtna O'Mahony

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2011. At Quintas we are of the opinion that the future is somewhat brighter and that we are finally turning a corner. The IMF have taken control of our finances and with the passing of the Finance Bill we are now taking the painful medicine they prescribed. The election which should bring political stability is imminent. The prolonged process of sorting out our banking crisis is advancing slowly and sometimes not so surely but there are signs of lending and credit flowing again. It will be a long slow "grind" and no doubt there will be more casualties on the way but as we close the door on 2010 we go into 2011 with ideas in our minds, a spring in our step and hope in our hearts.    

At Quintas we like to draw on the analogy of the car windscreen and rear view mirror, they are the sizes they are for good reason and time spent looking at both should be done so in proportion. You should spend a small fraction of your time glancing back but invest the vast majority of your time looking forward for that is the direction you are heading.   

I was asked a question over Christmas, would 2011 be the same as 2010? The answer is an emphatic no, it can be significantly different if you choose to make it so. We are encouraging clients to focus on the things they can influence, to experiment and to try to do things differently in 2011.

In this edition of our EZine apart from the contributions from our resident experts we are delighted to have John McHenry write on the challenges facing Golf Clubs at present and our Chairman Alf Smiddy gives us an insight into branding.

As most will know when the budget was announced it was proposed that property tax reliefs were to be curtailed substantially and in the main immediately in 2011. I'm glad to report that significant lobbying  in which Quintas on behalf of our clients played a lead role by making representations to the Department of Finance have had a positive impact with the reliefs staying in place for 2011 at the very least and perhaps beyond pending the outcome of an impact feasibility study. This is  a further example of how we at Quintas continue to represent the best interest of our clients at every opportunity.

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