2 February 2011
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Recent Investment Success
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Recent Investment Success
by David O'Shea, Director

Recent Investment Success

As you are aware Quintas Wealth Management has been designing, structuring and managing our own branded investment products since May 2009.  In that time we have launched 10 products across varying asset classes such as Oil, Sugar, Equity, Private Equity and Agriculture.  We have successfully matured a number of these products producing an average annualised return of 20%.  Our most recent success was a 22% investment return after one year for clients. 

Our investment approach has been driven by 3 simple but strong core principles –

Strong Investment Idea, Optimal structuring to protect capital, Relevant Market Timing.

Our products contain all of these characteristics and we place considerable effort and time on the generation of relevant investment ideas whose aim must be to protect capital and generate return.  In addition we focus on shorter time frames while offering daily liquidity. This is important as it allows us as investment advisers help manage clients’ portfolios and also offers clients more control on their investments.

Recent Success                                                                            



% Return





12 Months

Recovery Bond (Tranche II)



16 Months




6 Months

*10% locked in with a further 10% expected in July 2011.

Our current view of markets is neutral to bearish.  With equity markets back at pre-Lehman levels and risk in general back to previous highs we find it difficult to reconcile these levels with the state of the world in terms of growth, inflation, spare capacity and unemployment data.  As such we have launched 2 new investment products which have been designed to perform in volatile and even falling markets.  These products offer exposure to investment sectors which we believe will perform in the coming quarters – Emerging Markets and Agricultural Commodities.

The BRIC Outperformer (Tranche II) eliminates market direction by constructing a relative value strategy where Emerging Markets are expected to outperform the S&P 500 (benchmark for the developed world).  There is strong capital protection with potential early redemptions every 6 months with a 7% (or 14%p.a.) return available. To obtain further information on this product please click on the link below.

BRIC Outperformer

BRIC Tranche II Brochure

The Agri-Protector offers clients a 97% capital guaranteed exposure to the soft commodities of Corn, Cotton and Sugar.  There are potential early redemptions every year with a 10% p.a. return available. To obtain further information on this product please click on the link below.

Agri Protector Image

Agri-Protector Brochure

To contact David O'Shea please click here or to view his bio click here.

Quintas Wealth Management is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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