2 February 2011
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Quintas Wealth Management, Director of Sales and Distribution, Nick Charalambous outlines how he and his team are planning to assist clients in 2011
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Quintas Wealth Management, Director of Sales and Distribution, Nick Charalambous outlines how he and his team are planning to assist clients in 2011
by Nick Charalambous

2011 has arrived and even though business sentiment and outlook has improved the New Year still presents many challenges for businesses and families.

Here at Quintas Wealth Management we are focusing on a number of key areas in our meetings with clients.  These include:

Cashflow:  Are there ways of improving business or personal monthly cash flow through analysis of income and outgoings?  For example we have had a significant number of clients who were able to arrange their existing protection policies and avail of cheaper cover without diluting the amount of cover involved.   We have also encouraged clients to see if there are other ways of meeting the premiums payable on existing policies either by getting their business to pay for it or using their existing pension funds to do so and avail of tax relief in the process.

Pension Plan Review: Quintas Wealth Management has built a dynamic and comprehensive system designed to arrange fund selection and performance and assist in the construction of optimum fund portfolios taking account of an individual’s age, attitude to investment risk and retirement objectives.  We feel that proactive management of existing funds and careful selection of where new pension contributions are invested can add significantly to the growth prospects for people’s pensions.

Mortgage Review: Many clients over the last number of years have taken out mortgages on investment properties.  In most instances these mortgages were set up on an interest only basis with an accompanying mortgage protection policy which was intended to clear the mortgage in full if the property owner died.  We have found that in carrying out reviews on client portfolios that whilst over the years since acquiring the property interest payments have been paid on the loan, little or no capital payments have been made.  In the interim however the mortgage protection policy has had a decreasing sum assured such that if in the unfortunate instance of the property owner dying his or her estate would be left to deal with a significant gap between the life cover payable under the mortgage protection policy and the outstanding loan on the property.  This can place a totally unexpected burden on the deceased family and have huge financial implications.  A thorough review and clear planning can protect against and avoid this potentially devastating scenario.

For more information on any of these discussion points, please contact Quintas Wealth Management on 0214641400 or email info@quintas.com

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